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Welcome to the West End of Henrico

Date: December 13, 2015          Author: Tarah Harris

Three main road ways just in case you get lost.

Your first time driving through the West End may seem like you are in a maze. Many of the communities look the same and stores begin repeating themselves. When I first moved to the West End from Rhode Island I would get lost every time I left the house. So here are a few streets that will keep you from getting totally lost. Patterson Avenue, Broad Street and Gaskins Road. These three streets will help you find your way back. You can either go one way or the other. One way will take you back to Richmond and the other back to another main road way.



West End is the only place you get can high end shopping such as Nordstrom, the best shoe selection in Saxons (Buttons & Bows if you’re looking for shoes for the little ones) and discount shopping. The Goodwill on Broad Street (The one next to the old Friendly’s) is awesome and let’s not forget Ollies. With Regency Square Mall about to undergo a major transformation and the newly recreated Willow Lawn, as a West Ender I must say the shopping is the best! Also keep an eye out for the Libbie Mill on Staples Mill Road.


Public transportation.

There is none you can rely on, but if you can understand GRTC crazy complicated system you will know you have two options Get to Regency mall (mention the process) or get to the park and Rides that are on Glenside Avenue and off Parham Road. Many don’t know this but you can also catch the bus to the city at Henrico Doctors Hospital as well.




Some of the best schools in the state are on the West End. Godwin and deep run are actually some of the best schools in the country. There are some great schools that nobody talks about. Freeman, Gayton Elementary and Pocahontas Middle have incredible schools and awesome teachers. If your kids hate cold and rain be careful of the outdoor campuses like JR Tucker, Brookland Middle school and Tuckahoe Elementary, Johnson Elementary. Your kids will be lugging a big back pack every day in the cold.


Getting out of the West End

Just say your one of those rare people that want to cross the river. Once you get to the West End you will understand what that means but to save you time, it means going anywhere south. Such as Chesterfield, you can take 150.  If you want to head to DC, you have easy access to 295 and 95 and if you want to go west to Charlottesville or to the airport you take 64. The chance you need to go into Richmond you can just get on 95


Apartment living

There are many apartment complexes on the West End. But the quality can be night and day simply by traveling 5 miles in another direction. Also be aware of the places that have changed ownership multiple times in the past few years, we aren’t naming names but if you move to any place that’s managed by a group with acronyms, call us so we can find you a home as soon as possible.  The rent at any of these apartment buildings is as much as rent. Take Carriage homes and West Broad Flats. The rent on those places can easily get you a home of your own.



Well, next. Okay if you want to do more than eat you can always go to the comedy club in short pump, catch a movie in short pump have a drink at Bar Louie in Short Pump. So I guess, just go to Short Pump.


The neighborhoods

The West End has a diverse range of neighborhoods. You have the uppity totty totty places where the home owner association will kick you out for not having a white post for your mail box and you have the neighborhoods like (find subdivisung name for ingalston) where you must visit on Halloween It is an unofficial street festival. You hear music, smell food in the air, people have turned their homes into haunted houses and their backyards in the mazes of death…totally awesome. So if you are thinking of buying, talk to the people who live there and you will know which neighborhood you’re in


Becoming a West Ender

Lastly you have to be ready for the West Ender. Now this person is a person who has always been on the west end or has been there long enough to consider themselves part owner of the West End. They know all of the well to do families, they have kids playing in soccer. Oh yes and the is a difference between living in the West End and the Far West End.



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