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Being in business is a task in itself. Our mentoring services are designed to offer support, insight and strategies. All with the single objective of helping you become reach your goals. 


Our mentoring program is an opportunity for unprecedented access to Tarah & Damon. By sharing the been there and done that of business, real estate and married to your business partner, you will an experienced team mate in your journey to success. 

Every service strategy is individualized to meet your needs so you can being the growth phase as soon as you're ready.

the program

Virtual Services

Talk directly with Tarah & Damon 1 hour a week for 3 months.  

COST: $1,200

In person Services

Hang with the Tarah & Damon team while you're developing your short and long term goals. You will be able to receive private coaching 1 hour a week for 3 months.

Cost: $3,500

6806 Paragon Place #300, Richmond, VA 23230, Phone: 804-282-5901