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Is it time to sell your condo?

Date: February 8, 2015       Author: Citirah Harris

1. You want to BBQ everyday

While there are a ton of condo buildings that have a community BBQ area (and even a few that do allow it on the balcony), that’s not even close to having your own BBQ in your own backyard. At your own house, you can BBQ in the Winter, in your pyjamas, and cook anything you want. Try doing that in your condo building’s community BBQ area, and you’re sure to get a few strange looks, and maybe even a complaint from the condo board.


2. You want more privacy

In a condo building, you just don’t have the same level of privacy that you do in your own house. Maybe the walls are thin, maybe packing into an elevator with your neighbors bugs you, maybe the maintenance man is a little to nosy and keeps tabs on what the residents do, or maybe it’s all of the above; either way, you’re likely to have much more privacy in your very own house


3. You want a garage

Garages are one of those truly awesome spaces that you never realized you needed until you have it. They’re perfect for extra storage and if they can keep just a litlle bit of pollen of the car in May it has done its job.


4. You want to be as loud as you want to be

As my husband often does, sometimes you just want to relive your better days by blasting music for no aparant reason besides you just want to.  Having your own home allows you to do that without ignoring the fact your being rude.


5. You want a yard

You may actually want to have your dog let himself out for a change or sit in your yard and not look at someone else. Having a yard means having just a bit more privacy and room to hang out.

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