Buying real estate in the 8th District



buying in the 8th


date: November 2, 2019

time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Fee      No cost

A blend of strategy, insight and community awareness this unique conversation focuses on how first time home buyers can call this area home sooner than later. 


By breaking down home cost in the district, strategies to become a home owner and keys to investing this sessions is designed to leave attendees with key ideas they can use to call Richmond's 8th district home. 


Creator    Damon Harris

Facilitator(s)   Damon, Tarah & Chris Watson

the program


The Market

This section breaks down the districts housing market over the past 6 months.


How to Get in for $0

Find out how you can get thousands of dollars to buy a home in the district.



Get key insight on the types of available properties and areas that will bring the most return. 

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