Home Buying Services are crafted to meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be.

We don't just open doors, we work with you to ensure you're making the right offer on the right house at the right time.

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Before we even look at a home we will take the time so we can know each other. Together we will talk about your needs, wants and create a plan to get it all at or under budget.



We won't simply send you homes that are on the market, we will look for homes that meet your needs and are sound investments. We will search 24/7 to make sure you see that house first.

Home search


Transaction management


Once we find your new home we will work to ensure you are protected. We will negotiate everything from price to repairs. While all that is going on we will keep it all organized so you can the keys to your new home. 

Just because you bought your home, doesn't mean our support stops. We will provide onging homeownership support. From meet and greets with contractors and educational events we want you to maximize your investment. 




Buyer Plans

You will meet with us to discuss your home buying plan. This is the moment where we will determine credit situations, income and develop a strategy to get you into a home.

Mock Ownership

You will play the role of a homeowners. From calling home insurance professionals to dealing with taxes, we will create real life experiences that will force you to think like a homeowner. 

Meet and Greet

We will connect you with a trusted resource for mortgage information. They will sit down with you to discuss how the mortgage process work including documentation. This is the moment we will create a clear picture of when you will be FINANCIALLY ready to buy a home. 


You will have access to online events such as webinars, virtual home tours and more. In addition to online events, you will be able to attend free seminars and workshops.

Market Education

We will use private showings to not only educate you on the market, but also help you identify styles of homes that may fit your needs.


Our team with work with you every step of the way. From sitting in on meet and greets to connecting you to downpayment assistance programs, you will not be alone. 

If you're thinking of buying a new home take a look at our services  and contact us. We would love to help and will get back to you soon.

You can also call/text Tarah directly at (804) 554-6703


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