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buying a Foreclosure





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Creator    Damon Harris

Buying a home in foreclosure is a great way to purchase an affordable home. However when buying a home in foreclosure there are key "need to knows" that are different than buying a home in a regular sale. 


This onsite experience gives participants an opportunity to view a foreclosed home in person. This program will go over the how to's of buying a foreclosed home and strengthen participant's ability to make the right decision when buying a foreclosed home. 

This program will be hosted at a home that is currently in foreclosure. To participate you will be given an invite with the location after registration.

Facilitator(s)   Tarah Harris, Damon Harris

the program


What is a foreclosure

Learn what makes a home a foreclosure, who owns it and who you will be buying it from.


Finding a foreclosure

Discover how you can find foreclosed homes that are currently for sale.


Buying it

Get key insight on the buying process for a foreclosed homes. From making an offer to home inspections, learn it all here. 

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